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Stop scrolling & start ‘Comparing’!

Swetha: Hey Riya, next month is our College Day, did you buy a new dress?

Riya: Nooo! My pocket money is almost over now. Only 1000 rupees is left with me. So I can’t buy new dress this time.

Swetha: Don’t worry dear, let’s go for online shopping this time. So that we can save our traveling costs and time too. 

Riya: haa, good idea! And one more benefit is there, we can avoid bunking classes for shopping!

Swetha: ha- ha, seriously. But the problem is that, same products might be charged differently in different shopping sites. So if we buy without comparing them, we may be in loss. So it’s better to search in different sites.  

Riya:  are you mad?!    It’s not practical.  Lots of shopping sites are there. And how will we find the same product in different sites and compare their prices?!

Swetha: yeah, it’s impossible! I wish there could be some shortcuts to help us!!!

Why can’t you check ‘Compare & buy’ facility in XPaymall?

Xpaymall presents you with the most innovative and unique feature- ‘compare & buy’!

It will help you to grab the perfect deal at the right time. Use the ‘compare & buy’ feature in XPay mall and compare the prices of the product in different sites and make the perfect deal without incurring losses!

Swetha: wow... Is it true?! …How will we access this facility?   

 It’s simple. Follow the steps mentioned below and avail this facility easily.

           Step 1: Go to

           Step 2: search the products from the wide varieties & choose your preference.

           Step 3: click on the selected product

           Step 4: compare the prices of the selected product in the same screen & choose the better deal. 

Riya: oh really?! We were just dreaming, but XPaymall made it practical!!! 

Today, lots of online shopping sites are prevailing around us but the ‘Compare & Buy’ facility makes XPaymall different from all others. No other shopping sites are offering you with such a facility. In this digital era, everyone is busy and does not have time to waste. Main intention of online shopping sites is to help you in saving your time and money. But today what happens is that, we have to consume a lot of time in search of the perfect deal in different sites! 

However the great innovation of XPaymall -‘Compare & Buy’ offers you the ‘all in one’ facility, where you can check out the complete details of product within the single window and with the single click!

So take your turn to experiment this expedient feature! 


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