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Online future of India

The online future of India is bright and powerful with no room for comparison with the current trend in e-commerce. The growth of India as the world’s fastest growing e-commerce market is already priced by America’s and China’s internet giants. India is eagerly looked upon as a promising platform by the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezons and is soon expected to be his second largest market next to America. His plans of investment thus goes up to billions of dollars clearly in realization of his immediate opponents like Flipkart and Snapdeal, who are established by locals but financially supported by some of the big tech monsters. It is interesting to note that China’s e-commerce champion Alibaba is one among them.

 India could soon be a model for promising markets around the world. The leap made by the super giants in the e-commerce market is a chess game. Individual firms gain importance only on success or gets left behind in the mad rush for competition. Thus e-commerce scales over retailing in the Indian market scenario.

There is a sharp move to attract online consumers through discounts and logistics but often some companies even drain out their capital. However, there may be many losers in the furious game with unforetold result and the race continues. The fast growing trend of e-commerce continues into the wider economy of the west sharing the credit of an already existing infrastructure of stores, banks and others.

UAE Exchange India is also one of the titans, very soon to emerge as ‘THE MONSTER' in the e-commerce market.

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