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When I walk through the heights of Scotland of Asia…

We are eagerly waiting for months to conquer the heights of beautiful Vagamon, to escape from the daily stress and heat of city life in Kochi. Trip includes 5 members of our family including me. We had the plan to stay in our relative’s home near Vagamon.  

It is one of the captivating beauties of Kerala, enriched with tea plantations, gardens, green meadows which form an elongated chain of hills. We started our journey to the heavenly hills of Vagamon in the early morning from our house near Kochi. Before entering into the hills of Vagamon, the cool breeze caressed our faces in the most gentle manner giving us out-of-the world feeling that could hardly be felt in any other places. It looks amazing to watch the change of weather from hot to cold with fog all around us, giving a real heavenly moment among the mist. Fog made it difficult for us to drive through the hair-pin bends. Taking the best out of the opportunity we stepped out of the car and took some selfies in the misty background.  Then we started our journey to the blissful hills, slowly to keep a watch of the road as the vision was totally blurred with the thick mist. It was really an adventurous experience to drive the hills by watching the sign boards marked with the “shape of the road” often displayed at dangerous spots for the convenience of the drivers. It was raining slightly making us stop near a stream. Beauty and clear water lured us to taste the water in the stream. Each drop had a purifying effect touching our hearts with its serene cold and purity of the water.

Catching the heights of magnificent beauty

We just stepped into Kurisumala, one of the popular spots in Vagamon.  Alluring beauty of Vagamon was incomplete without conquering the heights. We climbed the hills with much enthusiasm to have a higher view which a real breathtaking episode was giving a picturesque site of the whole place coming to life. 

No network to add the glimpses of strolling forest

After spending sometime in Kurisumala, we entered the Pine forest. We somehow managed to take some adventurous photo shoots and tried to upload them in the facebook to share among our friends. But network coverage was a big problem with very limited net accessibility. Then we drop the whole idea and enjoyed without photos and selfies. Wandering through the beautiful place gave us a feeling of ecstasy which could hardly be described in words. 

Carry a sim which has wide coverage

Homely meals in the laps of Vagamon meadows

Vagamon meadows take off all our daily stress and strains with its cooling breeze and captivating sites. We had our homely packed food for lunch which was relished in the laps of grassland of Vagamon. Adventurous Paragliding gave a new experience in the sky. I could float like a cloud in the cool breeze which was a real thrilling experience which is sure to be cherished memory of this trip.

Wanna try paragliding? Visit Vagamon in September.

 We forgot about the time when strolling through the lush green meadows. Time was really running fast filled with lot of excitement in the air.

Darkness intruding our sceneries in the romantic spot 

Then we rush to the Ulipooni Wildlife, perfect romantic spot just few kms away from Vagamon. Boating experiences with my family by chatting and playing games made the moment very special, adding in the Vagamon diaries. Darkness was engulfing the beautiful sceneries making us reclines to abode. It was a stunning trip to cherish for the entire lifetime. 

We hesitate to go back but darkness was the villain so we stayed in our relative’s home near Vagamon. Then I again went to the beautiful meadows, thick pine forest, beautiful greenery in my dreams with the cold breeze in the darkness.

These are the extract from the travelogues and the identities of the persons are kept confidential for privacy.


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