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The timely support that mended my surge for VISA!

Hai I am S. Sathish Kumar. 

I would like to share you the positive experience I had received from the UAE Exchange India’s Villupuram branch. But before I commence, let me brief you the reason behind my visit to the branch. 


Behind the scenes

I was a person without any previous experience as an air traveler. But one day, I was in an urgent need to travel to Srilanka.  As I don't have any previous experience, I became totally panic. Also, I was totally unaware of the formalities associated with the abroad trips. What I only knew was, I need to get a Visa for Srilanka and so and so. Hence I searched for the perfect solver of my urgent requirements.

On to the point

I rushed to nearby UAE Exchange India branch in Villupuram. Thank God, I had a positive experience at the branch.  I got complete assistance for all my requisites. There I met Ms. Shoba- staff of UAE Exchange India’s Villupuram branch. She helped me wholeheartedly in each phase of the processing. She cleared all my doubts, provided the much needed support at each phase, moreover I am completely satisfied with her timely assistance. 

I am taking this opportunity specially to appreciate and thank Ms. Shoba for delivering such an amazing support. Of course, my primary requisite was to get a Srilankan visa. But as I told above, I didn’t travelled in flight earlier. So naturally I had a fear of my first flight journey. So rather than doing her basic duties, Ms. Shoba further helped me by providing extra details of travel, which abetted me in getting rid of my aviophobia to an extent. 

She provided all the details related to visa & ticket, and also gave the entire information regarding the boarding time etc. Thus in short, as a new air traveler, I was well packed with all the basics requisites, at the time of my journey…

A note of gratitude…

It is nevertheless to say that, UAE Exchange India helped me in getting all the formalities done quickly and easily. Even I got mentored with the tips for a hassle-free and tension-free trip. Luckily the trip was all easy and smooth. So I hereby expressing my heartfelt gratitude to UAE Exchange India and its staff MS. Shoba. 

My first air trip will cherish in my memory forever, and your service too…    


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