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Popular places to visit in Aurangabad

A historic city renowned for its UNESCO heritage sites, traditions and culture, located in the state of Maharashtra, India. Popularly known as the ‘City of Gates’ for its 52 gates each hosting a history of itself. For a reference, the four principal gates facing the cardinal points are Delhi gate to the north, the Paithan gate in the south, the Jaina gate to the east and the Mecca gate in the west. The biggest gate is the Bhadkal Gate also known as the Victory gate from 1612 (Mughal period) which is still outstanding for its unique architecture and as India’s first column structural building.

Best tourist attractions in Aurangabad city beyond the 52 Gates

Bibi KaMaqbara– built by Aurangazeb as a memorial for his wife, popularly called the ‘mini Taj Mahal’ as it is an impression of Taj Mahal, Agra.

Naukhanda Palace – A massive palace with nine apartments each consisting of a garden and a cistern with specially built areas.

Panchakki – A 17th century water mill, famous for its underground water channel which navigates around 8 kilometers to its source from the mountains. At the concluding point it has an artificial waterfall and dancing water fountains from the inner part of the mosque.

Himayat Baugh –Today a part of the Marathwada Agricultural University, housing the Fruit and Research Station & Nursery. It was a 17th century garden known as the Mughal gardens of ancient days. 

Salim Ali Lake & Bird Sanctuary – Salim Ali Sarovar (lake) also widely known as Salim Ali Talab houses a bird sanctuary and a garden which is maintained by the Aurangabad Muncipal Corporation currently.

Aurangabad Caves – Twelve Buddhist caves dating back to 3 A.D with iconic architectural designs

Quila-E-Ark- a palace built by Aurengazeb in 1692, Kali Masjid, Jama Masjid,Shahganj Masjid, Chowk Masjid, Pir Ismail Mausoleum and Sunehri Mahal.

More attractions in the District of Aurangabad - Much sort out charms are the paintings of Ajanta and Ellora caves. If the Ajanta caves have 31 rock-cut cave monuments depicting stories of the Jataka tales, dating from the 2nd century B.C, the Ellora caves have 34 monumental caves, marked as a World Heritage Site and an epitome of Indian rock-cut architecture.

Pitalkhora Caves – is located on the satamala range of the Sahyadiri Hills with thirteen caves on the hill top, though damaged to an extent, they are still an interesting spot for tourists.

‘City of Prosperity’ popularly called the Daulatabad Fort is yet another historical site which remained the capital of Tughlaq dynasty.

‘Valley of Saints’ also known as Khuldabad or even Rauza is known as the garden of paradise. It is called the valley of saints or abode of saints as at some time the Sufi saints stayed in this area.

Grishneshwar also named Ghushmeshwar– is a famous Hindu temple committed to Lord Shiva, located close to the Ellora caves.

DnyneshwarUdyan – is said to bear a resemblance to Vrindavan gardens of Mysore and the largest one in Maharashtra.

Jayakwadi Dam – Largest irrigation project serving as a multi-purpose project especially to the drought prone areas of Maharashtra region. It also hosts a garden and a bird sanctuary.

Gautala Sanctuary – A protected area at a height of 700ft on the Sahyadiri hills with rich variety of flora and fauna. It is the residence of sloth bears and migratory birds.

Kaghzipura – The abode where the first hand-made paper was made and later used to print the Quran.

Hill Station of Aurangabad – Located 12 km from Khuldabad at an altitude of 1067 metre, it is a very small hill station. The main attraction of visitors is during the monsoon season.

There are more places of attraction in and around the Aurangabad district. One such spot is the Lonar Crater Lake which is never missed by tourist visiting Aurangabad despite its location outside the distric of Aurangabad. It is said to be the world’s largest crater said to have originated 50,000 years ago.

Aurangabad is an interesting travel spot in all aspects of tourism which can be made joyful and memorable with our efficient travel desks spread all through the country.


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