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Check out the love-seasons in Singapore

Honeymoon is the most special time of the marriage when you tend to know each other and the calls for a lot of space and seclusion. Hence no other best spot than Singapore which is all-year-round celebration, just name it and you get it.

Located to the north of equator, Singapore is an island country with one main island and many other islets. Best time of the year is November to January, February to April, July to September and months of May and June are generally avoided, as the temperature rises slightly high from the rest of the year. You can decide with your partner and select your preference.

Want a misty Singapore honeymoon? Visit during November to January

Being equatorial country, Singapore is wet throughout the year with a climate ranging from 32 - 33 degree Celsius. Best time to visit rainy Singapore is during the months of November to January which are the wettest months of the year. Either drizzles or copious showers are there during this period making umbrella a requisite for you. Prefer to get wet, anytime you can play or dance in the rain with your partner. Doesn’t that sound extremely romantic and filmy? Many special attractions could be scheduled during this time so that you can linger on with your loved one all through the precious time.

  • Visit the Tallest Indoor Waterfall giving you a feel of a real forest accompanied by a thrilling ride in the lift to the top of the manmade wonder and get an eagle’s eye view of the vegetation and flowers.
  •  Go hand-in-hand with your partner to shop at the renowned Orchard Road to get the best shopping experience at Singapore and ensure to get a gift that she loves.
  •  Take a break by visiting the international buffet to treat your partner to the heart’s content.
  • Visit the Asian Civilisations Museum and the National Museum without getting wet from the rainy ambience. Stroll through the ancient relic and archetypes to learn more about the Singaporean history and culture.
  • Best time to visit the Science Centre in Jurong East, chaired with your loved one to watch the educational resources come alive. Presentation, videos, and demonstrations are projected to the audience arrayed in relaxing chair. So make the best opportunity and huddle close to each other.
  •  Visit the famous Chinatown rooftop Screening Room which is the best place to get huddled together to dine and watch movies without the hassle of moving out in the rain or getting wet.
  • Have the stamina to dance from dusk to dawn then remember to book for the most popular Zoukout scheduled in the month of December which is the biggest music festival, giving you a chance to sway along with your partner in the music making you dance with your partner.
  • If the lunar cycle is on your side then you might be a part of the festivities of Chinese New Year that falls between Januarys and Februarys. You both be part of the spring festival or lunar New Year with lots of celebration and also scope for shopping local mementos for your friends back home.

Hot and cool meets together in Februarys and Aprils

Best time for sightseeing and other outdoor activities is February to April, between the hot summers and cool winters. Plan to take your spouse for the honeymoon during the months of February to April then there are some special highlights for you to celebrate.

  • Most renowned World Rugby was scheduled in April which always attracted crowd from across the world with live music and entertainment. So plan it earlier and be part of the big event.
  • Visit the Singapore Night Safari, making you have a direct glimpse of the animals and their nocturnal habitat. Have an adventurous tram ride through the dark jungle, to watch the animals prowl around the lush green landscape for almost an hour.
  • Singapore cable car is one of the best attraction for you to have a seclusion with you partner to dine in a private cabin.
  • Visit the Asia’s tallest observation tower popularly known as Tiger Sky Tower from which you can almost see the whole of Singapore Main Island and other islets.  
  • Have a view of Singapore city from the world’s largest observation wheel commonly known as Singapore Flyer. It takes you to great heights without making you feel dizzy or nauseatic.  
  • Have a slow Singapore Cruise with your sweetheart in the historic bumboat and have cruise through the night around the Singapore Island.
  • At Universal Studios Singapore, you get the chance to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame, famed science fiction Transformers, Egyptian world of Mummies, and much more, making your twosome a great time together in the world of fun and frolic at the world-class theme park.  

Celebrate your honeymoon with Singaporean festivities from July to September  

Being a cosmopolitan country, it has various festivals with the best being concentrated in the months of July to September. Hence plan your honeymoon visit during these festive seasons.

  • Ever heard about Singapore Food Festival? Now it’s time to taste the culinary talents of the Singaporeans by tasting the recipes one by one. ‘Savour the Past, Taste the Future’ was the theme of 2016 where almost 28 participants were awarded for their cooking talents. This time be there to check the menu and taste the best Singaporean dish with your loved one.
  • Make the best in September by witnessing the Grand Prix Season Singapore famous sporting event scheduled in 8-17 September 2017 with local and international music to enthral you both to a different world altogether.
  •  Symphony Singapore orchestra often scheduled in the month of July is world famous for its heavenly orchestra that is sure to give you both a world class music night with a performance of renowned artists from across the globe.
  • Take your partner out to feast on mooncakes and other traditional delicacies in the Chinese mid-autumn festival. 

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