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8 important Travel tips for a comfortable travel

Make travel a joyous and memorable experience with petty hands-on designs. Travel is a necessity to some and a relaxation to some others depending on situations and purpose. Whatever be the drive, the urge to travel could be enhanced enabling each trip to score over the other.

1.Luggage Limits - ‘Less luggage more comfort’ is proven statement. Plan your baggage without compromising your requirements but within the parameters set by your mode of travel, be it airways, railways or roadways. Confine to minimum lightweight baggage. 

2.Security and Identification – Keep your baggage locked even if there are no valuables, to avoid getting into the trap of drug trafficking and such others. Use exclusive ribbons or stickers to identify your baggage.

3.Promptness – A habit to be developed from childhood without which any travel will be a mess and unnecessary hassle. Timekeeping and time management will make your travel smooth and stress-free. Be aware and report on time for check-in and clearance if your travel is by airways, report at least 10 minutes ahead of your boarding if you choose to travel by railways or roadways.

4.Tickets – Carry a copy of your ticket, keep it safe till the end of your journey. In case of air travel, boarding pass is a proof of your travel and is to be retained till the end.

5.Carry-on Luggage – Whatever be your mode of travel, carry along necessary medicines with prescriptions enabling co-passengers and transport authorities help you in emergencies. Do not hesitate to carry at least one pair of clothes for a changeover. Also, make sufficient arrangements for food and water depending on the distance and mode of journey.

6.Accommodation – If travel exceeds more than a day check-in advance the best and safe place of stay feasible to your pocket. Security should be given prior importance if you plan to travel with family. Consider the support of a reputed travel desk for either short or long stay.

7.Currency – Currency is a must for any travel. Considering security, it is always wise to carry the minimum at hand and further required funds as travel card. Multi-currency cards are popular enabling smooth transactions for international travellers.

8.Travel Details – Keep all required details such as flight/train/bus numbers, boarding and departure timings etc. handy for effortless travel.

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