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Are you interested to invest in gold?

Day by day when you scroll through internet or flip through newspaper, you will be surprised to see the rapid increase in gold rate. Though gold turns expensive, jewellery brands offer high discount on making charges to attract more customers. 

The rise in gold price has also triggered customers to make a sale leading to obtain a large sum of profit for their old gold.  The rise in gold price has moved many customers to invest in gold for their future concerns.  

Gold as an investment will benefit every individuals as the value and price keep on increasing in the international market. Investors from all sectors are strongly attracted to gold, as it has got a high value when compared with others. 

How investing in gold benefits you?

  • The yellow metal with high demand will hedge against inflation.
  • Even when equity shares perform low gold rate remain high 
  • Gold ensures major returns on investment you make
  • Rising gold rate will benefit each investor

Want to know more ?

ETF can be traded intraday providing an opportunity for short term market movements through single trade security. ETF can also be used for speculative trading, short selling and trading on margin. Investing in ETF gives you more value than buying jewellery. When you replace jewellery you might lose some amount in making charges. You can trade for the same rate in the market for ETF. It has higher daily liquidity and fewer fees than mutual fund shares. By making an ETF, investors can get the diversification of an index fund, besides they can buy on margin. Expense ratios for most ETF are lower than the mutual funds. 

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