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Let’s listen to the ‘golden chat’!

Have some urgent need for money? Don’t have much time to get the documentation and formalities done to avail loan?  Then it’s the time to light the gold sparkle inside your wits!-get your gold loan!!! 

The best choice for those who are planning to scrounge some money to meet their urgent financial requirements is certainly the gold loan. The most convenient and fast processing features of the gold loan makes it the best option to give a quick solution to the financial famine facing at present. The unique and distinct features of the gold loan are better explained in the below conversion;

Misha: Hey Nita, why you look so gloomy?!

Nita: Nothing dear, I am in an urgent need for money, but I felt ashamed to ask others for help.

Misha: Oh that’s your problem?

Nita: Not only that, did you hear about burgles?! They are roaming around our area and I am really scared! I have got some gold with me; they are not safe in my shelf…

Misha: ha ha, this is a kinda talk, where you have got the puzzle and its answer, but still turning around it, in search for the answer! 

Nita: Wait What?!

Misha: Dear, you have got enough gold’s, right? And you have some urgent need for money, right?

Nita: Haa, so what? 

Misha: Then why can’t you think about gold loan?! 

Nita: Oh, I never thought so, it’s really an awesome idea.

Misha: Gold loan is better when you have an urgent need for money. It can be easily availed without any hassles and formalities. Even if you have any bad credit record, it won’t prevent you from availing gold loan. Interest rate is also very low in the case of gold loan.

Nita: Seriously, it will also help me to keep my gold in a safe place, without paying for it! By the way, what are the process for availing gold loan?

Misha: it’s very simple. As I said, unlike other loans, it doesn’t have much formalities and paper works. Only few documents such as ID proof and address proof is enough to avail for gold loan. You can avail gold loan by submitting these ID proofs and your golds to any of the reliable service providers. Gold loan doesn’t mandate any credentials to show your salary or income and even no credit card history is required. In short, even the unwaged and non-working people can go for gold loan.

Nita: Oh! That’s really nice. What are the other benefits of gold loan?

Misha: Well, it has got many more benefits like; low-interest rates. Generally loan over gold is delivered at a lesser interest rates per annum and this is pretty low compared to personal loans offered at higher interest rates than this. Gold loan is the most modest and suitable form of loans as here all you need to do is pledge your gold with a bank or finance company and get up to 80% of the market value of the gold as a loan.

Nita: How much time it will take to sanction the gold loan?

Misha: In case of gold loan, processing time is very less. Usually banks take only few times to finish the process where as in case of Non-Banking Financial Companies, only a few minutes is required for the same. So for a speedy financial aid, this is the finest choice. 

Nita: Wow great! Quick and easy processing and quick solution for financial problems!  

Misha: Ha Ha. So you got the solution, right? Now why are you hesitating? Go and keep your gold in the safe place and get your money…

Nita: Definitely!!! 

The benefits of the gold loan are not yet finished. It has got many more benefits like;

  • It allows one-time payment!
  • It is the most comfortable loan
  • It has low risk
  • Instant sanction

So, stop thinking…Avail gold loan and secure your gold in the safe place!!!  

In short, gold loan is the best choice for those who have an urgent requirement for money. Gold loan is the best loan which provides 70% to 75% market value for your gold along with full security for your Gold. However while taking gold loan, you should take care of many things. 

Mrs. Misha has got some advises for you! 

 “Go for gold loan only if you are self-confident of repaying the money in time or else, you will be fined and all your guaranteed gold will come under the control of bank or finance company.

While going for gold loan check the interest rates in different banks and private finances. If you go for private moneylenders then better to go with one who has been in this trade for many years. As far as you are not emotionally attached to your gold adornments this is the apt choice. Yet not anything like this can support you during your hitches and with the fall of rupee and many think gold is the only safe thing left”. 

Consider these advices before taking gold loan to solve your financial problems and go ahead for a hassle-free gold loan.

Trusted service providers like UAE Exchange India will help you to get the best rates for your gold…

Why Should I prefer UAE Exchange India for availing gold loan? 

While availing a gold loan service, you should always take care of the credibility of the financial institution from which you are availing the service. UAE Exchange India is one of the trusted partner to gain gold loan. It has got many facilities for delivering better services to the customers. Some of those major features of UAE Exchange India is listed below. So let’s have a glance thru it… 

  • Online gold loan facility
  • Authorised loan service provider with NBFC licence
  • Maximum value for your Gold
  • Fast processing
  • flexible repayment options
  • various Gold loan schemes 
  • Low interest rates and
  • Easy to avail gold loan

Now settle your financial needs thru best online gold loan facilities from UAE Exchange India. 


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