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Indian Gold Loan Market

Loan sector has been facing increase in demand in the Indian financial market due to key features like decline in interest rate, fast processing time, and attractive schemes designed to cater to the financial needs of people of all classes.

Indian loan market is expected to grow in the coming years. Home loan, vehicle loan, personal loan, gold loan, and educational loan hold the loan market sectors in India. The hike in gold rate and the availability of the precious metal increased the demand for gold and therefore witnessed growth in gold loan sector too.

India possess a large   stock of gold and Indian population spend more on acquiring gold both as jewellery and as asset. The increase in the gold rate encouraged customers to buy more gold. According to the survey of World Gold Council around 20,000 tonnes of gold are lying with Indians, of which, nearly 60 % lies with the rural people. As the rate of gold is increasing day by day, it is considered as the most valuable asset for future and also as the emergency collateral for cash. Gold has been considered as a   security for loans due to its high market value. Simple procedure and fast disbursal lead to the increase in the loan market.


0 #2 Gold Loan 2017-09-12 11:47
Thanks for sharing the information. It is very useful information.
0 #1 Golduno 2016-08-30 12:17
For Investment or taking gold loan Indian market is Number one, where you can find great investors. As of the gold value use can easily utilise it as of your requirement. Thanks for Such a great post....

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