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Your right choice to knock disease

Health, Wealth and Prosperity’ is the dream of every human being and living in tune to their visions comfort zone may differ from person to person. Ailments or diseases is not a fate for few but an unpredictable situation which may crop up for anyone irrespective of what or who you are.

‘Cancer’ is an unrestricted out growth of cells dividing and multiplying to form lumps, some of which may be harmless but others may be malignant. A clever move to knock the disease is to get the best treatment without much hassles. Medical insurance is the paramount answer, plan it with veterans in the field, bang the situation and get the premium advantages of different medical insurance policies.

Solutions are many which starts from the right doctor, precise diagnosis and much more but a well-planned medical insurance will settle matters a better way diminishing mental and physical stress, enabling the best and right actions to face the unexpected.

Let the National Cancer Awareness Day be observed to create awareness on how to face the situation rather than cry your life over the disease which crops up out of the blue. Every life is precious, so is every day of your life. Fostering awareness of the disease is vital, surviving the situation is even more fundamental.

Prevention is the best strategy to control cancer. UAE Exchange India along with can cure foundation together took an initiative to conduct cancer awareness program for the employees. The informative session on how to detect and prevent cancer was headed by Dr. C N. Mohanan Nair, Senior Consultant Oncologist. The program held on October 12th, 2017 at YMCA hall. 


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