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Strong support in fight against Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a preventable and treatable disease, yet, it is the major fatal disease claiming the lives of hundreds of children on an hourly basis counting to around 1.6 million yearly without any exaggeration. From the year 2009 when more than 100 organizations united to form the global alliance against Child Pneumonia, November 12 had been earmarked a day to foster awareness, elevate protection, prevention and treatment followed by scrupulous actions to combat pneumonia.

For some unknown reasons pneumonia rarely receives coverage in the news media. A killer disease affecting the life of children in the age group of one to five. Every child is the responsibility of society, health care starting from a foetus is vital. Let every child start its journey of life with assured health care and we as a Multi-National Company stand as one rendering our unsurpassed assistance in support of the actions in the fight against pneumonia.

Medical Insurance policies, at its choicest, covering health and related issues, by proficient hands trained and committed to spot the requirement of the hour is our service. We affirm to join hands with the various organizations on November 12th to bring this crisis to the attention of the public, and support to battle the disease confirming to bring it to an end.


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