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Strong step towards the eradication of TB

Elimination of Tuberculosis as a Global epidemic was a matter of serious concern for World Health Organization for the past few years. The sustainable development goals era marked its beginning in 2016, the success of which could be assured only with a health conscious and robust population. An intensified action through communities, institutions, private and public sectors along with government ministries is the urgent requisite of the hour.

Tuberculosis (TB), today is a curable and preventable disease with appropriate awareness on healthy lifestyle, prevention and anticipatory precautions like Insurance policies to reduce the liability on families. Wakefulness should gear off from families and educational institutions, spreading to the remotest areas. Every educated inhabitant can take the responsibility of eliminating this global epidemic.

The role of Corporates and such other organizations is vital to ensure that no family is saddled with the crushing expenses due to TB. Insurance policies are a must especially in areas where the disease is still spreading its horns. Implementation of strategies to end TB is the social responsibility of Multinational corporates through various schemes, policies, and awareness classes.

March 24th is not a day to commemorate nor a day to do a post-mortem on past happenings but a day to implant in each one of us the obligation of attaining Global Sustainable Development, for which eradication of TB is an imperative milestone.


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