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Let us join hands for a safe journey

Public Transport is a common passenger-transport service exclusively made available for the general public.  The different modes of transport are roadways, railways and waterways shared by strangers, which is made easily accessible to the common man at cheap rates. Transport is an important part of India's economy but it is yet to be developed in the rural areas.

Public transport is the primary mode of transport for the common populace in India, and India's public transportation is among the mostly used networks in the world. India's rail network is the 4th longest and the most greatly used railway networks in the world. Alarmingly the number road accidents and deaths caused by traffic are amongst the highest in the world and are still increasing. Accidents are mishaps; the severity of such a calamity can be reduced through genuine travel insurance policies that assure compensation for sufferers. 

Road congestion and pollution from vehicles are also on the increase. Government of India, declared 106 National Waterways under Inland Waterways Authority of India to decrease the transportation cost and lower the carbon footprint by moving the transportation to waterways from the heavily populated roads and railroads.

As Indian citizens we should be proud to avail this facility helping to reduce pollution and congestion which may soon show fatal results on our health and of the generations to come. Health conditions of children in cities like Delhi are typical examples for the health hazards that could ruin a whole generation in the near future.

Let us join hands to make this day a great success to create awareness and mark a positive beginning to change our pattern towards the use of Public Transport. 



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