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Dr. John says

Hai friends, it’s Time to Make Your Clever Move!

I am Dr. John, a practising physician!

During the past decades of my career, I had met many people, who are suffering from lot of serious health problems. One of the sad fact is that, majority of them lost their money due to the expensive treatments. Many others lost their lives, as they can’t afford the treatments. People often come to me and cry for help, while they face financial crisis for treatments. But as I am a doctor practising in a private hospital, I have limitations in helping them. 

Most of the people face such situations because during the time of prosperity people won’t bother about their health and never save for future contingencies. And at the time of emergencies, they will face a severe setback. Either they lose their entire wealth or get caught in the debt trap.

So it can happen to everyone. The only thing we can do is either save something for our health or get insured which is an essential kind of savings for health. So that you can confidently go for higher treatments, in case of any health issues. 

Why should you be medically insured? 

  • Covers the cost of treatment and drug
  • Get cash allowances on hospital duties
  • Coverage of treatment costs taken at home
  • Provides lump sum money for serious disease 
  • Provides expenditures associated with organ donors  

These are some of the qualities of health insurance policies varying from policy to policy. However having a policy and spending on it will be really worthy.

It is better to take care of your health, when you have wealth!

So guys, if you can insure your vehicles and buildings, then why can’t you insure your precious health, which is more important than all these?!

So think and make the clever move for your health…

Start caring your health at the right time… 




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