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Beat the diabetes with healthy lifestyle

Founded by both the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, the World Diabetes Day was first introduced in 1991. Every year November 14th is marked to celebrate as World Diabetes Day. The alarming rise in the number of this ‘Killer Disease’ all around the world was the main reason that prompted health organizations to choose a day of the year, and create awareness of Diabetes and related causes. The date chosen was the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, a medical scientist who co-discovered insulin and was the first person to use it on humans. 


A regular theme is set every year to improve consciousness, such as human rights, life style, obesity, the disadvantaged and vulnerable and children/teenagers. Various events are organized for raising awareness through media, lectures and conferences. ‘Going Blue’ is another global event to mark the day, where people wear blue costumes, all landmark buildings are decorated blue and monuments around the world are also lit up in blue to help spread awareness of the day. 

Wake up before it is too late and beat the disease with exercise, healthy living habits and diet control. Family history, sedentary life style, hypertension, high cholesterol etc are some of the major causes of diabetes. Drag yourself away from your TV’s, laptops and mobiles. Medical Insurance policies assures regular checkups and re-imbursements to save families from the deadly expenses which is incurred through this killer disease.

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