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Strong step towards the eradication of TB

Elimination of Tuberculosis as a Global epidemic was a matter of serious concern for World Health Organization for the past few years. The sustainable development goals era marked its beginning in 2016, the success of which could be assured only with a health conscious and robust population. An intensified action through communities, institutions, private and public sectors along with government ministries is the urgent requisite of the hour.

Tribute to the accident victims on this ‘Day of Remembrance’

‘Tiredness kills, take a break’, a very common instruction noticed while moving through motorways(highways) in UK which is a little thought put to anyone while driving. Service stations have the provision to take a break if the driver is tired. A modest caution which had been helpful to avoid accidents and successfully reduce the number of road traffic victims for the past many years. Insurance policies are heavily charged but the protection assured is worth a go.

Beat the diabetes with healthy lifestyle

Founded by both the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization, the World Diabetes Day was first introduced in 1991. Every year November 14th is marked to celebrate as World Diabetes Day. The alarming rise in the number of this ‘Killer Disease’ all around the world was the main reason that prompted health organizations to choose a day of the year, and create awareness of Diabetes and related causes. The date chosen was the birthday of Sir Frederick Banting, a medical scientist who co-discovered insulin and was the first person to use it on humans. 

Let’s join hands to prevent Pneumonia

World Pneumonia Day helps to bring awareness about this health crisis into general public and encourages policy makers and grassroots organizers alike to battle the disease.

Let us join hands for a safe journey

Public Transport is a common passenger-transport service exclusively made available for the general public.  The different modes of transport are roadways, railways and waterways shared by strangers, which is made easily accessible to the common man at cheap rates. Transport is an important part of India's economy but it is yet to be developed in the rural areas.