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Beat the barriers towards HIV

Lit with red ribbons, the United Nations Secretariat building, year after year, demonstrates the UN’s commitment to fight tooth and nail against HIV/AIDS, a public health threat, by ensuring quality health care to the populace across the globe. Sustainable development being the world motto at every phase of development, HIV/AIDS cannot continue to be an open risk and it is the duty of everyone to join hands against this communal health hazard.

Add extra security to your two wheeler journey

UAE Exchange India Tie-up with Turtlemint for online two-wheeler policy

Two wheelers are more comfortable to ride especially in cities with heavy traffics. You will reach the desired destination without affecting the traffics while riding a two-wheeler. Isn’t that great if you get extra security for your every two-wheeler ride without much hassle? UAE Exchange India is ready with online two-wheeler motor policy for all the customers at attractive premium rates.

Beat Diabetes with practical actions

The hue and cry over ‘Diabetes’ as a ‘Killer Disease’ has created a wave of thought in all category of people across the globe. November 14, is not a celebration but a warming up action to renew the awareness about the deadly disease. Despite all the warnings, the health organizations are still alarmed at the rise innumber of patients.

Strong support in fight against Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a preventable and treatable disease, yet, it is the major fatal disease claiming the lives of hundreds of children on an hourly basis counting to around 1.6 million yearly without any exaggeration. From the year 2009 when more than 100 organizations united to form the global alliance against Child Pneumonia, November 12 had been earmarked a day to foster awareness, elevate protection, prevention and treatment followed by scrupulous actions to combat pneumonia.

Your right choice to knock disease

Health, Wealth and Prosperity’ is the dream of every human being and living in tune to their visions comfort zone may differ from person to person. Ailments or diseases is not a fate for few but an unpredictable situation which may crop up for anyone irrespective of what or who you are.