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UAE Exchange India conducts Press Meet in support of Digital economy

In connection with the sudden replacement of Rs 500 and Rs1000 notes from Indian financial market. UAE Exchange India conducted Press Meet in support of Digital economy through the digital app, XPay Cash Wallet. 

Feel the power of ‘digital touch’ in your transaction

We are living in a fast-moving economy where digitalization flourished its triumphant domain.Advanced development in the field of technology has resulted in a paradigm shift by bringing changes in the attitude of people towards living standards.

Infinite potential of XPay Cash Wallet

The prospective future of Indian e-commerce is dazzling. It could bring about faster financial growth to the country which can move as a wave of breeze to every nook and corner in both the rural and urban regions. XPay Cash Wallet of UAE Exchange India is an e- commerce business launched in full confidence to a dream of providing digital cash facility to millions of people.

India moving ahead of time to a Digital Economy

Digital experts forecast that by 2030 there will be around one billion online users in India or even earlier. This will increase the e-commerce business that is already in the realm of expansion. 

Easy Payments Options for Netizens

Growing awareness on mobile wallets and the rising smart phone consumption make the customers more accustomed to mobile transactions. IAMAI-KPMG report states that India is expected to have 236 million mobile Internet users by 2016. There has been a sudden shift to smart phones and mobile Internet in India over the year, portraying the acceptance to mobile technology. 65% of netizens in India connect internet with mobile and the increase in the use of mobile internet paved the way for digital wallet. Covered in Hindu Business wire and other online releases.