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Your safest method to Send Money from India to Dubai

Are you interested in visiting the fascinating Dubai?

With lot more of entertainment and amusement, Dubai stands as the mesmerizing city of the world, attracting hoard of people to its beauty. Your most beautiful destination to spend the holidays and to make the living, catch the fancy of amasses due to its wide opportunities. Dubai widely known for sand dunes, palms and especially for the shopping festival is one of the world wonders that have to be visited once in everyone’s lifetime. People from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan fly to Dubai in search of job opportunities that would help to save the cost.

Why consider Study Abroad Programme in Dubai?

Study Abroad programme in Dubai will be a great experience for the international students as it gives a multi-culture effect. Students can choose various courses in Dubai.  More number of Indian students prefers to carry out their higher education in Dubai. For building a great career, Dubai has been one of the best platforms, as it gives more practical exposure in all fields.

In olden days, sending students for abroad studies was not seriously considered due to massive expenditure for their studies and other utilities in India. There has been a gradual shift in the state as more students prefer to make their education abroad for better career. Apart from Student programmes, many have started to migrate to other countries for better livelihood thereby opening a way for remittance business.

There has been a greater demand for Money changing business in India due to the increased migration rate over the years. Day by day the number migrants are increasing with higher demand for Student Abroad programme and PR opportunities. Dubai is the major attraction for expats from other countries on account of vast opportunities that could be explored by the right candidates.

Why Send Money from India to Dubai from UAE Exchange 

Fast: We assist in sending your money at a great pace saving cost and time of our loyal customers. 

Convenient: The best way to send money for all your needs

Easy: The swift and easy method will assist you to make a hassle-free Send Money Abroad.

What is the limit to Send Money from India to Dubai?

A resident individual can remit up to USD 2,50,000 in a financial year to your dear ones staying/studying abroad against the offer letter of the education institution. 

What is the time required to Send Money abroad from India to Dubai?

The number of days required for a customer to receive the money varies from country to country depending on the time and the number of intermediary banks involved. If the Remittance is happening between one bank to the other where there is no intermediary banks involved, then the customer will receive the funds the very next working day depending on the time zone. If there are more Intermediary Banks involved in the transfer, then it may take 2 to 3 international working days for the customer to receive the money.

For all your Send Money from India to Dubai contact 180030001555 or send your concerns to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Visit forex.uaeexchangeindia.com send-money-abroad-from-india


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