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Wanna book Hotel Abroad without any hassles?

Travel and tourism is rapidly growing in the present era. The changing mindset of people is the main aspect for this. The number of people traveling abroad for holidays has increased. The concept of overseas travel among the common people has changed, as foreign trips have become more affordable.


While travelling the prime concern of every nomad is to travel without any hassles. But it is not always possible because of the hindrances like difficulties associated with hotel booking etc.

It often happens because, while opting for trips, people may not always choose travel packages. Instead, they arrange everything by themselves. So in such cases, ‘sending money for hotel booking’ becomes an essential for them.    

Check out some smart tips for ‘send money abroad for hotel booking’ and have a stress-free hotel booking!

 ‘Send money abroad for hotel booking’

The Outward remittance by resident Indians to foreign countries has grown manifolds compared to last two years. Increase in Tour Remittance volumes have been one of the major factors that has contributed to the growth in Outward remittance. People make arrangements for their trips well in advance, inclusive of Hotel bookings. 

•These advance payments are remitted to the Hotel by the traveler

•Travel agent coordinates on behalf of the traveler for their Hotel booking & Sightseeing,

•Tour operator can make end-to-end arrangement for an individual/group hotel booking payment.

You can also approach any of the below-mentioned operators for ‘sending money for hotel booking’ depending on the purpose of your overseas visit:

1.  Overseas Tour Operators.

2.  Reputed Travel Agents.

3.  Hajj/Umrah Coordinators.

These operators will in turn take the assistance of a bank/authorized dealer to send money abroad for ‘Hotel booking’.

Go through these guidelines before processing! 

KYC for Outward Remittance for Hotel Booking.

The basic KYC that a Bank/Authorised Dealer insists for outward remittance for hotel booking are:  

•Invoice copy favoring the individual from the Hotel/Agent abroad, mentioning the amount to remit.

•Application cum declaration form

•Passport, Air ticket & Visa of the Individual and the other passengers accompanying him.

•Beneficiary Bank details(Hotel/Agent)

As I conclude, I hope that, it will benefit you to carry out a smooth trip without worries of overseas hotel booking! So, get ready to have a relaxed holiday.

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