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Tourist Destinations where the Indian currency scores more

Travel is a passion to countless populace, selection of destination determines the achievement of a voyage. Choice of countries wherein the Indian rupees have more currency value is one important way to make the location even more passionate. Likewise here are a few locations where the Indian rupee will make you feel rich and royal.


Republic of Belarus is a fascinating country with astonishing landscapes and a rich enlightening heritage. A landlocked country located in Eastern Europe, popular for its architecture, majestic forts and primitive forests.

1 Rupee is equal to 261 ruble


Paraguay offers adventure sports at its finest. Waterfall rappelling and white water rafting are some of the unmatched varieties. A country located between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. 

1 Rupee is equal to 81.36 Paraguayan Guarani.


The high value of the Indian Rupee makes Vietnam a spectacular spot for tourists for its beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas, bustling cities and most of all the unique Vietnamese food

1 Rupee is equal to 343.66 Vietnamese Dong.


More than 17,000 islands together form an archipelago with marvelous beaches, relaxing spa getaways and attractive local shopping facility.

1 Rupee is equal to 209.88 Indonesian Rupiah.

Costa Rica

Marked as the world’s happiest country, it is located in Central America, enclosed with the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua, Panama, ,Caribbean Sea and Ecuador. The emerald green waters and pristine beaches together form the rich blend of biodiversity in Costa Rica. Known to be the cleanest and greenest environment of the world, it also has the largest number of protected areas in the world. The blockbuster movie Jurassic Park was shot in this place.

1 Rupee is equal to 8.40 Costa Rican Colon.        







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