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Tips to send money abroad from India

Knowledge is power and an individual with the thirst for knowledge learns new things that would help him in his daily life.Though you all know many facts about sending money abroad, yet there are simple things that remain unknown among common populace. To brighten the future of your beloved son/daughter, you spent hard earned money abroad.  While sending money abroad, take a note of the below points to get the best exchange rate and to avoid many situations that may lead to the loss of your hard earned amount.  

Guidelines to send money abroad

Update yourself with the currency rates:  Search online and find the currency rate that you are going to exchange. Exchange rates are constantly fluctuating, so to have the best currency exchange keeps an eye on exchange rates. 

Know about the service providers: Before proceeding with the currency exchange service, know more about the service providers through online/offline podium.  

Get updated about remittance limit: As a frequent remitter, you have to be well alert and updated about the prescribed remittance limit.

Compare multiple money transfer providers: Different providers have different exchange rates, fees, and transfer charges. So it is advisable to compare the fees and other rates charged by different providers, before consulting one.









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