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Answers for all your queries on Study Abroad

"No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every community and the future of every economy."

                         - Brad Henry

Years back high craved ambition for almost all the youngsters were to do some professional course in UK, USA, Australia and other countries. Unfortunately proper guidance, finance and of course convincing parents were the toughest part of all. Proper and reliable guidance for all small and big time queries about how to study abroad from India always lingered in the young minds, making them all the more prone to decline the whole idea. 

How to make a place for our dear ones in Rio

Brazil has set the fire of competition among the minds of young sportsmen, a journey to make amazing records. Give an opportunity for your dear ones at Brazil to be a part of it.

Anybody at Brazil waiting for your monies

As per the latest statistics of outward remittance, around $ 4.6 billion has been remitted by Indians to their families, friends and others in 2015-16. There has been a paradigm rise in the remittance business in India with the increase in interest on study abroad programme, medical treatment and abroad tourism, sports etc.  

Brexit impact

Brexit can be explained well with a good example, of a State in a country moving out and being a separate entity for their own personal, cultural and commercial reasons.

Get the best currency exchange rate

Looking for the best currency exchange rates today? It is a well-known fact the currency exchange rates fluctuate day-in and day-out. Hence depending on your need, immediate or later, you need to plan, research and analyze the fluctuation to ensure you get the best rate, or take expert opinion from foreign exchange dealers like UAE Exchange, shared by V. George Antony MD UAE Exchange India. 

Travel abroad with smart multicurrencyTravel Card from UAE Exchange India

Even in a digital era, many travellers prefer to rely on foreign currency without awareness of the unexpected situations which might arise for them while in the foreign land. They may need extra money for immediate requirements that could be met easily through simple methods.