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How can I send money to other countries?

Let’s listen to ‘Fin Guru’;

“Well, guys, this is my opening talk with you, and the intention behind this is to make you aware of the Financial and capital market products, which are unfamiliar to, many of you. So today I had chosen ‘Send Money Abroad’ as the prime topic to discuss with you.


Let’s begin with the definition of ‘send money abroad’ itself.

‘It is nothing but the transfer of money to overseas thru various channels like Electronic Fund Transfer, Wire transfer etc. for various purposes’.

Now, let us check out, which are these ‘various purposes’ of send money abroad?

 ·         Support family living overseas by sending money to abroad   

 ·         Parents sending money to child studying abroad

 ·         Pay overseas outstanding bills

 ·         Send financial gifts to loved ones based overseas for special occasions

 ·         Repay a family member or friend

 ·         Pay a friend for helping to purchase an item overseas 

 ·         Send emergency funds to loved ones based overseas for unexpected situations

 ·         Send money for meeting medical expenses in abroad etc.

Hence, these kinds of requirements necessitates the need for send money abroad and increases its importance worldwide.

So guys, I know that many of you are unfamiliar about the procedures of send money abroad. But don’t worry, I can help you. Follow the steps mentioned below and experience the fastest fund transferring method to abroad.

How to do ‘send money abroad’?

You can send money either to bank account of the beneficiary or directly to him/her.

Procedures for sending money to bank account of the beneficiary,

Phase 1: Choose your trustworthy partner for money transfer

Phase 2: Pick the recipient and make certain to provide precise details about the receiver along with the country and the right location. There should not be any error in the cited forename of the beneficiary.

Phase 3: Select the amount you need to send to the account

Phase 4: Decide on the method for transmitting the amount

Phase 5: Make sure to provide the receivers exact particulars along with a right address proof.

Procedures for sending money directly to a person  

 Phase 1: Choose your consistent partner for making money transfer   

 Phase 2: Select the recipient and make available the detailed facts about the receiver along with the country and the accurate location. There should not be any mistake in the cited Name of the recipient.

 Phase 3: Decide the amount you need to send to your loved ones in foreign countries

 Phase 4: Pick the mode to pay the amount

 Phase 5: Address proof of the Receiver

 Phase 6: Send your amount steadily

So I think, now you all got an idea on how to transfer money to overseas. However while going for send money abroad, you have to take care of many things, because people often used to get into troubles while opting send money abroad like;

·         Get charged with high transmission fees and low exchange rates

·         Delays in transferring money

·         Problems associated with scams 

These problems can be considered to be the main hazards of send money abroad, leading from lack of awareness. Many people become the victims of these issues as they opt for send money abroad, without collecting enough information. So today I will give you some tips to avoid these problems, while you send money to overseas.           

My tips for a smoother ‘send money abroad’ 

·         Find the best exchange rates

·         Choose the medium for sending money abroad

·         Check out whether  the service is regulated

·         Try to transfer money during Weekdays(live exchange rates are open only on weekdays)

·         Try to choose online Transfers rather than other modes

·         Get aware of regulations in money transfers

·         Get updated about the current changes in the foreign exchange market

Keeps these tips on your mind, and send money abroad confidently, so that you can make a hassle-free transfer of your money to overseas.  

So I think, I am almost covered the topic ‘send money abroad’ and hope you all got enough information about ‘send money abroad’. So that you can have a tension-free deal on your next money transfer.

So, guys, go ahead confidently…!”

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