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Exemplary support for my effortless send money to USA

My mother-in-law and I extremely delighted to share our happy experience with Puthiyatheru branch. Our Send Money requirement would not be possible without your team.



On June 19th 2018, me and my 75 years old mother-in-law visited the UAE Exchange, Puthiyetheru Branch for sending money to the USA. The money was deposited as a Fixed Deposit in Chirakkal Co-operative Bank. We broke the FD but the concerned authorities at the Cooperative Bank said that it would not be possible to take the entire amount and send it in one single day. We were asked to come in the next three days to get our money. We went to UAE Exchange and explained our problem. Mr. Prajith P P and the Branch Head, Mr. Lenin Raj K coordinated with the Chirakkal Cooperative Bank staff and ensured that all the required forms and formalities were completed. They co-ordinated well and moved the money in an instant to UAE Exchange and then remitted the money to the US in a matter of 24 hours. It was done effortlessly without interference. Mr. Prajith and the Branch Head ensured that all the formalities were completed without us going back and forth from Bank to Bank. We were so thankful to Mr. Prajith and Branch Head for the prompt action and proactive steps. I must add that the work was done effortlessly and with much ease. It was practically unbelievable that a sum of 6 lakhs was moved to the US within a span of 24 hours without any intervention from us. 


Heartfelt thanks to the staff of Puthiyetheru Branch


We truly appreciate Mr. Prajith PP and the Branch Head’s exemplary and stellar worth ethics. It would have been difficult to come repeatedly to the bank with my ageing mother-in-law for 3 consecutive days, which was what Chirakkal Cooperative Bank staff had insisted on doing. All that unnecessary travel was eliminated by UAE Exchange staff and our work was done in a jiffy.  In fact, it was raining so bad that the staff arranged a vehicle for us to reach home safely. Such a warm and courteous attitude displayed by the staff is truly appreciated by customers like me.


The staff at Puthiyetheru Branch is truly an asset to your organization. Again, I would like to thank you and express my gratitude to all the staff, especially Mr. Prajith PP and the Branch Head. 


A job well done!

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