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When you being with the better half

We all come across different people in our life. Some may stay until the end; others may be visitors for a short period of time. If you were accompanied by good people in all stages of your life, you are really blessed and I was one among them.

A societal custom that makes a lot changes in every individual’s life is marriage and truly it is the eternal bonding of hearts. We made our first honeymoon trip to Andaman and Nicobar Island and that too was on February 14th.  Unlike the new gen newlyweds, we were not so familiar with each other and that was the time where we speak out about our dreams and passions. I still remember my better half who were 6 years younger talking spontaneously about her judgment when she met me for the first time.  Years of true love and commitment really made our home a sweet heaven. 

Love your better half from the bottom of your heart and she will be with you forever….



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