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WhatsApp chat about new trends in Raksha Bandhan

Rahul: Hey do you know, Raksha Bandhan 2017 is just ahead!

Priya: yeah it’s on August 7. Did you started preparing?

Rahul: no yaar...actually I don’t have any idea about how to celebrate this year’s Raksha Bandhan.  I am bored of the usual ways of celebrating it.

Priya: seriously!!!

Rahul:  hey, what about giving them some surprises this time?

Priya: surprise?! How? 

Rahul: every year we give them some usual sorts of gifts no? So this year let’s surprise them by giving something that they won’t expect from us. 

 Priya: yeah, that’s a good idea. But how we find those unique gift items?

Rahul: you have one brother right? And I have one sister. So we can help each other. You might be knowing what girls basically expect from their brothers. Give me an idea about that and I will also help you by giving an idea about what all things we people expect from our sister’s.

Priya: okay…nice idea

Rahul: hey, what you think of gifting my sister with one cute looking teddy bear?

Priya: oh my god,  please don’t gift her that, everybody things that we girls only like  things like dress materials, ornaments, teddy bears, sweets and chocolates and such sorts of stuffs. But the fact is, we are bored of getting these things. I swear many of the girls today loves to get something other than this.  

Rahul: something other means?

Priya: do you have any childhood photos of you sister? Something funny? Or else some crazy childhood photos of you both?

Rahul: Yup…

Priya: then make a funny and pretty photo collage using them and it will be a lovely Raksha Bandhan gift for your sister.

Rahul: will be a nice gift.

Priya: or else, if your sister loves reading, then gift her any of this is year’s bestselling books or some sort of books that she loves to read. And new generation girls are usually fond of pampering themselves. So if your budget allows, book spa for her and she will definitely love it.

Rahul: ha-ha…so that I can help my sister look gorgeous on this Raksha Bandhan 2017.

Priya: definitely. You can also give her a gift hamper including those stuffs she loves very much. Like lovely key chains, perfumes and cosmetics of her favorite brands and etc. and am damn sure that she will get thrilled by seeing this. So give her any of these gifts on this Raksha Bandhan day, and make her feel surprised…

Rahul: haa…thankyou dear for your suggestions. If this works out, then I will definitely give you a treat.

Priya: okay, okay… but before that give me some ideas about what you people expect from your sister on this Raksha Bandhan 2017?

Rahul: well, as an advice I will tell you that, if you want to make your brother surprised, then don’t stick on to the usual gift items like shirts, sunglasses, watches etc. give him something different like Aluminum money clip- which will help your  brother to keep his purse from looking bulk and huge. It will be a nice and useful Raksha Bandhan gift for your brother.

Priya: okay, cool….and what else?

Rahul: then…if your brother loves to go trips, then give him one ‘voyager wrist watch bracelet’. It will be a trendy and stylish gift. Or gift him some electronic gadgets like iPod, mobile phone, and modem. And he will definitely love this. So try any of this. And your brother will become really happy.

Priya: sure. And thankyou lol… for giving me these ideas.

Rahul:  only thanks? You must treat me for this…okay?

Priya: ha ha…don’t worry dude, I will…

Rahul: by the way, happy Raksha Bandhan dear.

Priya: oh, same to you…and have fun on this Raksha Bandhan 2017…






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Impressive.... credit to the creater!!!

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