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Unlock the potential in Women

Women’s day, women empowerment, equality and there goes a long list of celebration, year after year. What have we gained? Or is it just a seasonal social event to celebrate?

Culture and norms differ from country to country and society to society within countries. Outlook and attitude towards women require proper analysis and remedial measures to be implemented appropriate to each situation.

Who is a woman to exemplify?

W – Wonderful

O – Omnipotent

M – Mother

A – Approachable

N – Neutralize

Yes, the status of a woman is a fusion of characteristics, Wonderful, holding the primary role in a family where her responsibility to the upcoming generation is matchless, the power of a woman in varied roles as mother, guide and teacher makes her Omnipotent, no human being is brought into this world without a Mother, full of patience making herself available with open arms to the needs of a family- anytime Approachable and finally she plays a vital role in Neutralizing relations within and outside a family.

Flare up to action, women’s empowerment contributes in building up healthy generations. An educated mother is the success of each family, educated women are a promise for tomorrow.

Unlock the potential in women by educating every girl child to uncover her aptitude

Contribution of every woman is vital to the growing GDP of India as the fastest growing economy of the world. Never underestimate the incredible strength of women.

With a strong support to women whose rights though secured under the constitution are still in chains of bondage which appear as insecurity, inequality, discrimination and lack of dignity. Women’s Day should be a move to a stronger woman’s empowerment and security. 

Women, be alert make use of the best opportunities, nothing comes to your doorstep, wake up and move forward with determination and will-power. Identify the woman in you, strengthen yourself and those around you, the history of Indian women have been eventful.


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