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The unconditional love that moulded us!

‘Father’s Day’, celebrated yearly on the third Sunday of June, since 19June, 1910 in the United States is marked as the official day to honour the fathers and accordingly the ‘Father’s Day’ of 2018 befalls on 17 June, Sunday. Whereas the countries of Europe and Latin America have chosen to honour fathers on St. Joseph’s Day which is a conventional catholic holiday that occurs on March 19.


Unfortunately or unintentionally, only 58 years after the mother’s day was made official by President Woodrow Wilson, an initiative had been taken towards a Father’s Day celebration in the year 1972 in United States. Around 1920’s and 1930’s there had been some attempts to tussle mother’s day and father’s day together and make it a single holiday with an argument that both the parents should be respected and honoured together making it ‘Parent’s Day’.

Arguments were multifaceted and it still continues but today the world has found a day to honour Fathers who are no less than Mother’s. Sonora Smart Dodd a Spokane woman from Washington and most interestingly, had been one of six children fostered by a widower. Sonora took the initiative to create an official comparable for male parents, to Mother’s Day. She went around and spoke to Local churches, YMCA’s, Government officials and Shopkeepers to support her idea which turned out to be a great success. Thus, Washington State celebrated the first Father’s Day on 19 June, 1910. Every attempt made at different levels against Father’s Day celebration and some efforts to combine the two as Parents day were derailed ironically. 

Whatever be the controversies, Father’s Day is a day to celebrate and it is just unfair to be hesitant on a celebration. No comparison should be encouraged at any point for argument. Fathers are to be respected for what they are while it is to be always remembered Fathers are not Mothers and Mothers are not Fathers.  Both owe their own identity which is respectable, lovable and adorable. A healthy combination of a Father and Mother with due acceptance for their strengths and weaknesses creates amazing families which is the ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Mothers, Grandmothers and would be mothers, make Father’s Day a grand event along with your younger generation and celebrate the event with due reverence and adoration to your ‘Fathers’. Let the forthcoming generation get steered to the right direction. Make it an opportunity to give and take adorable feelings of love, respect, acceptance, understanding and what not.



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