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The priceless glory that cuddles our lives!

A global celebration all through the same time with different dates of convenience during the month of May every year. More than a celebration it is anhonour to the mothers and motherhood who keep making life and its progress possible. When it is Mother’s day in some nations, Mothering day in some others, yet, at least for few others it is International Women’s day. Likewise, the date in different parts of the world has religious, historical or cultural significance. 

M- Master of strategies

O- Ocean of love

T- Teacher, proved the best

H- Helpful undoubtedly/indisputably

E- Epitome of wisdom and skills

R -Receptive to all situations

Mother, the epitome of love, kindness, infinite patience, awesome gentleness, reassurance, forgiveness for anything big or small, generous to the extent of sacrificing her own life, full of compassion and it goes on and on. 

Mother is an embodiment of qualities with incredible wisdom, wonderful insight and skill, cheerful making a home lively, a shelter with special warmth tuned to the constraints of each member.

Even while she grows physically weak in her old age or otherwise, she tends to keep her mind alert with ample requests to God and it’s all for her children.

However great a man or woman had grown, he/she was not brought into this world without a mother. Every step of life was inspired and supported, the silent sufferings and tears ought to be mentioned at least once. Mothers of today, never forget you were a child to your own mother in your infancy and childhood, and, women of today, you would soon be mothers of tomorrow. Whether to be one or not, is a question of choice, yet the role of a mother is unfathomable. 

Mother’s play a pivotal role in building up the family, society and nation which in turn transforms the quality and development of the whole world. 

Hats off to the wonderful mothers’ who are the backbone of all success. Bind together and celebrate the day to offer a tribute to ‘Motherhood’ and the Mothers’ of yesterday, today and tomorrow.  

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.”

Abraham Lincoln 



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