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The Long Waits for the 82nd minute!!!

Yes, it happened……happened at the 82nd minute!

Bharatians, who had football on their blood can’t forget the 82nd minute of yesterday’s FIFA U-17 match between India and Columbia.  It is for that moment the whole Indian’s, for whom football is an emotion, had waited…!

It’s true that India lost the game day before yesterday, but before leaving the ground, the Indian squad had marked the sign of their resurgence in front of the world. 

The opening match with USA was not satisfactory. The game lost at 3-0, where the Indian team faced a severe setback from USA and it was the heartbreaking moment of Indian football lovers. But the situations had changed in the second match. The Indian football team, has proved their mettle by scoring their first goal in the legend of FIFA and Indian football history, thru the midfielder- Jeakson Singh. His header towards goal made the whole Stadium into exaltation. It’s sure that, tragic defeat from USA had taught our little heroes many things. And thus they came up in the second match, and stole the hearts of 1.34 billion! 

Although Indian team lost the game, they had planted the seedling for hope in the heart of Indians. And let’s wait to see them rocking the field in coming days. The whole crew of Indian Football for the FIFA U-17, is doing their best and it is damn sure that, their sweats are gonna sweeten in the coming days…and the upcoming match will reveal the future of Indian team in FIFA World cup U-17.

So let’s wait with the bated breath for the next match…!

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