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Stretch & twist with Yoga power

Yoga, a prehistoric Indian science of physical and curative activity is a priceless gift of Indian folklore, an all-inclusive approach to health and welfare, epitomizing the unity of intellect and body, thought and deed,skilfulness and realization tuned to harmonize man and nature. Yoga support to determine the sense of unity with the self, the earth and environment. Bringing about lifestyle changes through awareness tips to well-being.


Proclaimed universally by United Nations General Assembly, the International Day of Yoga is celebrated annually on June 21, since its launch in 2015. The notion for an International Day of Yoga (Yoga Day) was first advised by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 27 September 2014. Narendra Modi highlighted the importance of creating lifestyle changes through ‘Yoga ‘an embodiment of mind, body, thought and action creating a harmony between human being and natural surroundings. Jun 21 was suggested by PM Narendra Modi as it is a day of special significance being the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere and different parts of the world.

The origin of Yoga was traced back to the 5th century well-known in the Vedic Scriptures, some historians have come up with clues of practicing yoga in Tibet and Nepal, and they state Patanjali to be the father of modern yoga.

Today, ‘career boom’ is leading to ‘lifestyle doom’ altered through unhealthy food habits, living patterns, workhorse modes and reduced lifespan. Work-life balance is disappearing and many are slaves to technology and money. High time man realizes one’s own plight and control the bridle. The World and everything in it will continue with available substitutes but health and life is within the control of each individual. Workload and lack of time are often excuses, a kind of escapism from situations and people one prefer to avoid. No organization will stop its function in the absence of an individual but an individual’s life may stop its function with prolonged unorganized lifestyle. 

The authorized acknowledgment by the UN would further augment to spread the advantages of ‘Yoga’ to the entire world. Heed by the physical, mental and spiritual practice of ‘Yoga,’ within our country, which is a valuable tradition steered to prompt union of body, mind, and spirit. Get ready to change Lifestyle modes through the valuable art of ‘Yoga’ and enjoy a stress-free life.  



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