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Populace is not a ‘menace’ but an ‘asset’

World Population Day celebrated once every twelve months with multivariate themes and awe-inspiring quotes is a great event looked forward by billions with the best objectives of creating and increasing awareness regarding worldwide population issues.


The growth of population touching close to five billion in the year 1987 made it a necessity to educate the ever growing population on its pros and cons of life. Initiated by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in the year 1989, an annual celebration was decisive and July 11 was marked as the red letter day. Combating population issues was a tremendous task and the initial step was to increase the reproductive health and reduce social poverty through an effective reduction in population.

The gigantic challenge for development as pointed out by Thomas Malthus, highlights the importance of the issues. 

 “The power of population is indefinitely greater than the power in the earth to produce subsistence for man”. 

The crux of the reality should hit mankind, enabling to pay greater attention to reproductive health issues, where the vital problem is ill-health and the death of pregnant women all over the world. The yearly worldwide campaigns enhances the knowledge and skill of people in the areas of reproductive health and family planning.

Piloting with the best intents, some of the objectives of celebration were protection and empowerment of youth, knowledge on sexual role, prerequisite for delayed marriages, understand the responsibilities of marriage, necessity to avoid unwanted relationships, hassles of early child birth, related illnesses, education to sexually transmitted diseases, protection of girl child rights, equal educational status to both boys and girls, easy access to reproductive health services and implementation of existing rules. 

A global level celebration is organized annually. The issues of growing population is not a novel topic, yet, creating awareness through discussions and range of activities at diverse levels including educational institutions, government organizations, NGO’s, Corporates and the like are made mandatory, to further solve population issues targeted towards a physically and mentally healthy populace.

Unite to be a part of this International celebration educating ourselves and enlightening the existing and future generations towards its finest aspects... 


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