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Celebrate ‘HOLI’, the Festival of Colours

Get set go…..sprinkle a dash of colours, forget the barriers and torments of life and evoke the spirit of unity and comradeship during this spring festival of ‘HOLI’, a seasonal celebration irrespective of age. It’s also time for the large variety of regional delicacies which is a highlight of the festival.

New branches @ Madhubani & Sitamari for increased financial accessibility

February witnessed the happy facets of the company through the inauguration of Madhubani and Sitamari branches. Inaugurations of two branches in the adjacent day ensure more financial accessibility to the populace in Bihar.   

Inspirational talents of All Kerala Blind Cricket Tournament

Cricket tournament for the visually challenged is an empowerment for them and inspiration for other to thrive without discontent.

One time bonanza on Valentine’s Day

Hey Revathy, what a pleasant surprise’ Uma had met her long lost friend most unexpectedly in a busy shopping mall, Revathy never had a craze for shopping especially in a busy shopping centre, Uma was also astonished.

Engaging outdoor game for healthy work style

"Where people aren't having any fun, they seldom produce good work" David Ogilvy

There will be no productivity and creativity in work if the mind is not healthy.  Reducing the stress and providing a relaxing atmosphere for the employees in creating a good mental and physical health, company conducted a month-long cricket league for the staffs. Company is always keen in finding various entertaining activities to improve the healthy work culture and to increase the employee engagement through different outdoor and indoor activities.