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One time bonanza on Valentine’s Day

Hey Revathy, what a pleasant surprise’ Uma had met her long lost friend most unexpectedly in a busy shopping mall, Revathy never had a craze for shopping especially in a busy shopping centre, Uma was also astonished.

Hai Uma, long since we had any contact. ‘I am just hunting an exquisite gift for a beloved person in my life and I never wanted to leave it to the choice of another person’ said Revathy ‘could you please help me Uma?’

‘What is the occasion Revathy?’

Valentine’s day is around the corner’ said Revathy

Uma was well known for her out of the box thinking and surprises.

Uma : Oh so that’s it. A gift need not always be in kind but could be something you could cherish a lifetime. Will your sweetheart love to explore something new?

Revathy: Oh yes, exactly, that was what attracted us to each other. Visit to a quiet place and some time enjoying the serenity and warmth is the best we both enjoy.

Uma: There you are. Your gift is ready. Need only some planning. I can help you.

Uma, always very vibrant, bubbling with energy quickly picked up her mobile and started making unlimited calls enquiring with her well-known travel groups for the best-rated spots within Revathy’s budget and specifications. Revathy happily relaxed for an hour and Uma was ready with the deal.

A trip to the closest beachside, not frequently used by tourist, quiet and neat, food and travel, all arranged for a day, a priceless gift to be cherished a lifetime.




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