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Let’s be part of a Healthy Universe

Wishing ‘Health, Wealth and Prosperity’ is a custom without reasoning the depth of its significance. In simple words where there is health, wealth and prosperity follows. 

Healthcare policies and access to it may differ across nations, societies and persons with varied socio-economic conditions. A healthy population contributes to the country’s economy for which a well-functioning healthcare system withfine-skilled and proficientwork force and a strong financial backing is vital.

Healthcare includes a long array of professionals starting from Physicians and associates. Dentists, Midwives, Nurses, Psychologists, Pharmacists and many more are responsible to provide primary, secondary and tertiary care to ensure public health.

World Health Organization (WHO), as a specialised agency of the United Nations aims at building a superior, wholesome future for people across the globe. Each year April 7 is earmarked to exhibit the day as a celebration, not alone to renew creating awareness but also comes up with a specific theme prioritizing an area of concern. Over the past 50 years World Health Organization could bring to light significant health issues especially mother and child care, areas related to mental health, climate change and its effect on health, feasible suggestions and remedies assuring better health and brighter future. April 7 each year starts with a celebration which is extended throughout the year focusing on targeted areas related to universal health.

Strike April 7 to be a red letter day for every living being on this Universe. ‘Health is Wealth’ and it is our duty make this true. Let us jointly pledge to:

  • Educate and practise health care as individuals who are permanently part of a family, society, nation and the earth. 
  • Practise a healthy lifestyle which definitely beats large possibilities of illnesses.
  • Genetic issues can be managed successfully getting in touch with lifestyle clinics.
  • Be ready to share your life experiences developing positive thinking.
  • Insurance assures definite support and solution to medical expenses. 

Nothing is impossible. You live only once, health issues are hurdles which can be tackled with determination. Ignite the torch to make the ‘Impossible Possible’, let us be part of a Healthy Universe.


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