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Let’s mould our broods to soar the heights!

The focus of International Labour Organization (ILO), launched in 2002, was mainly to learn the global extent of childlabour, actions to be initiated and efforts required to eradicate it completely. Every year on June 12, the day unites governmental, non-governmental organizations and millions of people across the globe to create awareness and execute actions against childlabour in all possible ways.

Horrifying incidents are happening in and around us, it is estimated that around 218 million children are child workers. They are denied opportunity to attend schools, do not have time to play or live like a child, nonetheless burdened like an adult, many working full time to support parents, siblings and members of household. Growth is stunted as their physical development or nutritional levels are not a matter of concern, but compelled in the direction of work to beat hunger. Such disgusting situations wouldn’t dare to occur if we could invest the smallest proactive thoughts tuned to effective actions enhancing immense worth to the life of every child. Help our younger generations to estimate their worth on our planet where, the contribution of each individual are valuable droplets complemented to development.

The worst forms of child labour include different forms of compulsory manual labour, unlawful activities, risky environments, bondage, attachment in armed conflicts, drug trafficking, prostitution and more to comprehend. A transformed global pledge was adopted by world leaders in 2015 through ‘The Sustainable Development Goals’ (SDGs) targeted to end child labour of all types with speedy effect aiming towards thorough elimination of child employment in all its forms by 2025.

When millions of children are thus exploited who can ever stay silent, what have we done against child misuse, cruelty or exploitation? Quietness is an encouragement to those fishing in the dark. Rise up, render your whole hearted support and move end to end with the International Labour Organization (ILO) to effectively execute the goals and standards which is already established. Ensure education to be made the primary right of every child and co-operate to set a priority to the minimum age standards as steered by the principles cherished by ILO as well.





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