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Let’s beat plastic & sustain the world for tomorrow…

Celebrated News!!!! The little town of Madukkarai near Coimbatore in the state of Tamil Nadu is in the Guinness Book of World Records for successfully bestowing the largest recycling message to the world. The ‘Green Friends’, a small association of women counting up to a minority of 50, wholeheartedly supports this great venture which today has turned out to be an expert waste management system.


World Environment Day (WED) though established by the UN General Assembly in 1972, was further instigated by yearly celebrations with multivariate themes. Since 1987, it was decided to rotate the venues by selecting host countries. As Indians we are proud to be the host nation for 2018 with the mantra ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ and hats off to the little town of Madukkarai for earning the admired place in the Guinness Book of World Records. 

WED is a global platform for raising awareness and initiating actions for the protection of all environmental issues. With participation of over 143 countries, major emerging environmental issues are tackled where foremost NGO’s, Governments, Corporations and celebrities embrace to campaign environmental issues.

Focus on our accountability as individuals, members of family, society, state, country and on a wider sense as responsible members of the planet ‘Earth’. When each one of us feel it is our right to live on earth, we have a duty to retain its sustainability. The primary lessons should start from individuals and homes. Let the younger generation educate themselves from know-hows around them for which the older ones should first start performing, stop preaching and the rest will follow in no time. 

Every time we seek out answerability with another human being we are marching towards no solution, instead abide by the little town of Madukkarai who wasted no time in fault finding but were modestly up to action.

Yes, as members of the planet it is our right to enjoy the fruits of this precious resource, on condition, we be obliged to take the charge as stewards, retaining the best for the future generation. 

As our country is getting ready to host ‘World Environment Day, 2018’ celebrations with the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’, let us join the venture with determination to go ahead as ambassadors in developing a healthy environmental culture wherever we are. 



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