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Honouring our great leader

October 2nd is not only a day of National celebration but also a day of international importance to concur with the birth anniversary of the historic Indian forerunnerMahathma Gandhi.

Gandhi Jayanthi is celebrated annually, on October 2nd in all the states and Union Territories of India with prayers and tributes to honour the birthday of the Father of our nation, Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi who is fondly remembered as Mahatma Gandhi or Bapuji.

Promoting Non-violence through education and public awareness, The United Nations (UN) annually holds October 2nd as the International Day of Non-Violence globally to coincide with the birth anniversary of our renowned leader Mahatma Gandhi.


The purpose is to glorify the themes of peace, non-violence and Gandhi’s effort for Indian freedom struggle. Let us uphold the lineage of values shared, practised and cherished by our great leader with a determination to bestow it to the coming generations.

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