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Happiness & financial stability thru stock market!

Investment is rather done by bulk of the populations irrespective of their income. The assets on which investments are made varies according to the income levels of the people.

An investor has got numerous options for investing, ranging from gold to stock exchanges. Among all the others, stock exchange is the apex choice to bring more profit. However, the number of people investing in stock markets are very rare. Reason could be many from a little knowledge to less time in assessing the market fluctuations and much more. If you are ready to spare some of your precious time from your busy schedule, this mystical world of treasures can bring you much more than you ever could!


The return from the Investments is fixed in case of almost, all the other commodities except stock market products. All other investments like gold, land, fixed deposits with banks etc. can accumulate income only to an extent, because even if there is a rise in the values of these products, it will be very less. Other investments such as stocks and bonds may derive a portion of their value from passive income in the form of interest and dividends. However, the only return you can make on gold, land etc. is when the value increases and you decide to sell. The other disadvantages of investing in other commodities excluding stock market products are the need for physical storage and insurance. Gold, land, fixed deposit etc. need physical storage whereas stock market products like share, stocks etc. doesn’t need any physical storage.  Likewise, the Capital gains tax rates are higher on most gold investments, but it is comparatively less in the case of share trading and other stock investments. It also has the chance of exceedingly good returns in a short time. So an experienced and skillful investor can drain out huge sums of profit from the stock market. Those who wish to enter into this world of stock market investments can now move out with your perfect companion- UAE Exchange and Finance Ltd-the Perfect Place to Build Your Investment Career!

Log on to the world of investments within 3 minutes and enjoy the art of money-making effortlessly!

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Investments in stock exchange markets can bring you happiness and financial stability.

UAE Exchange and Finance Ltd. brings a wide variety of products and services to suit your investment needs. 

  • Equity Trading (NSE & BSE segments)
  • Derivatives Trading (F&O)
  • Currency Trading
  • Online Fund transfer facility
  • Mutual Fund Investments

 Why Us?

  • Online Presence
  • Open account online and start trading within 3 minutes.
  • Trade across online trading platform from anywhere thru Mobile, Tab & Desktop.
  • Online option for Mutual Fund investment thru SIP & Lump sum.
  • Any time transmission of funds in the trading account for smooth trading
  • 100% Paperless A/C opening process.
  • Supportability over numerous platforms
  • 20 plus years of proven expertise.
  • Part of  Global Group
  • Best market study and analysis backed by smart algorithms & skilled people.
  • Comparatively less brokerage

Personalized Customer Service & Support:

  • Get centralized help desk and support through phone, email and SMS.
  • Call and Trade Facility.


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