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Donate & spread the vibes of humility

‘Involve to donate, be grateful to donors, and promote the gospel’


Celebrated across the globe, ‘Blood Donor Day’ has a lineage and purpose. A prized opportunity to thank and appreciate all the donors at a global level on the birth anniversary of the great scientist Karl Landsteiner, the Nobel Prize winner for his remarkable discovery of the ‘ABO Blood Group System’. Initiated in 2004 to raise awareness among the public towards safe blood donation willingly and whole heartedly by healthy persons, today it is an annual celebration on 14, June begun in harmonization by World Health Organization, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Further, the World Health Organization had formally established the ‘World Blood Donor Day’ along with its 192 member states to encourage and inspire all the countries to make it a pattern to thank donors and promote to involve more donors enabling smooth availability of this precious lifesaving gift to its best extend. 

It would be delightful to experience the smile you could bring on the face of a receiver. Blood transfusion is a necessity to millions of patients bearing life-threatening health conditions and offers a motivation to live longer. It also serves as a solution and reduces many of the medical complications prone to occur during complex surgical procedures, women in their pre and post pregnancy stages, enhance to save anaemic women, kids, children and elders, patients suffering from thalassemia, accident victims who had excess blood loss, cancer patients, haemophilia patients, sickle cell anaemia, other blood disorders including blood clotting and much more. 

Despite all the measures initiated, statistics speaks that adequate blood supply is effective only in 62 countries whereas in 40 countries, due to lack of required unpaid blood donors patients are still at the mercy of family members or paid donors.


The key role played by ‘Blood Donors’ is vital as blood donation is a lifesaving gift to the needy and always to be evoked, ‘If today you happen to be the Donor, tomorrow you could perhaps be the Needy’. When healthy blood flows through your body never hesitate to realize it is a gift and it’s your duty to donate it to the disadvantaged. Let each one of us bear a fragment of the responsibility to ensure sufficient voluntary and unpaid blood required, by being a part of organizing commemorative events for this noble cause.


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