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Did we keep our commitments?

‘Sustainable Development’……’Going Green’…..’Reduce, Recycle and Reuse’……..Umpteen number of slogans and thoughts load the pages, so much of energy and time is utilized to celebrate the event. Get back and put a little thought before we plan to celebrate ‘Earth Day’ on 22, April 2018. 


Trees are planted but how many of them are provided some water, helping them to survive? Sustainable development is a topic of detailed discussion but what planning do we have in the use of resources, do we train our younger generation what is ‘meticulous planning’? We talk of a carbon-free future by ending our dependence on fossil fuels and encouraging the use of renewable resources, yet what measures have we adopted individually to train our younger generations right from our families? If one vehicle had carried a family of four members few years back to different destinations, today four vehicles carry the same four people, surprisingly to the same destination. Wastage has turned out to be a norm, whether it be food, water, or anything that you may have purchased. The general attitude is ‘My money, my purchases, who can question its usage’. Never permit wastage, whether it be your personal holding, the societies or the Government’s. Wastage of resource is a global loss.

Population is increasing at an alarming rate, man’s requirements have to be met from the resources of the Earth. As population increases pressures on the earth and its resources are also on the increase ignoring the fact that the area and the capacity of ‘Earth’ is limited. Earth cannot be expanded nor its resources be increased but instead the resources get exhausted due to the unlimited usage by the expanding population. Situation can be easily reversed if man realizes his worth as the most valuable resource on the surface of the earth.

Mahatma Gandhi said — ‘Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.’ 

We, humans are responsible to support our environment, Earth Day being celebrated regularly creates awareness in support of environmental protection and it often ranges from ceremonies, educational seminars, planting trees,  organizing events to communicate priorities in favour of environmental protection and many more endless possibilities. 

Create awareness in our generations through practise. Be willing to change your habits, make it a pattern not just to celebrate but to continue the resolutions with determination. Renew our commitments and abide by it, the younger generation will follow indisputably. Support and encourage to change the global educational system targeting to a new green economy which can uplift people from scarcity creating lots of superior green jobs.


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