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Celebrate ‘HOLI’, the Festival of Colours

Get set go…..sprinkle a dash of colours, forget the barriers and torments of life and evoke the spirit of unity and comradeship during this spring festival of ‘HOLI’, a seasonal celebration irrespective of age. It’s also time for the large variety of regional delicacies which is a highlight of the festival.

 ‘Unity in Diversity’ being the Indian tradition, ‘Holi’ is a festival of love arousing unity and togetherness beginning with a thanks giving for a good harvest.

‘Holi’ marks the arrival of spring, a season of fragrance and love, a periodic celebration of triumphing victory over evil. With quite a few interpretations, ‘Holi’ is a festival celebrated in different parts of India with great joy, colours and sweets endorsing the values of harmony, affection and brotherhood.

Though celebrated for years as a Hindu religious festival in India, today it is accepted among non-Hindus as well both nationally and internationally as a season to repair broken relations, to forgive and meet others, share,  render affection and embrace the beginning of a new season with increased positivism. Of late the festival is celebrated as ‘Festival of Colours’ in parts of North America and Europe as a spring celebration with hues, merry-making and goodwill.

Unite to ignite the spirit of ‘Holi’ upholding the legacy of unity and love.


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