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Bliss of hope has risen for the mankind

‘Easter Sunday’ or ‘Resurrection Sunday’ is celebrated specially by Christians across the Universe. It is never celebrated on a fixed date, rather a portable feast where the date is determined on a lunisolar calendar with varying customs for Christians throughout the world.


Theologically ‘Easter’ is also said to be a foundation of the Christian faith. The resurrection recognized ‘Jesus’ as the Son of God, referred as proof that God will judge the world. Easter is also linked to the Jewish Passover festival.

The week before Easter is symbolised as ‘Holy Week’ by most Christians which comprises of ‘Maundy Thursday’ remembering the ‘Last Supper’, ‘Good Friday’ commemorating the death of Christ through Crucifixion and finally ‘Easter Sunday’, the day of Resurrection. Yet, in Western countries ‘Easter season’ also called the ‘Eastertide’ begins on Easter Sunday and lasts for the next fifty days ending with the ‘Pentecost Sunday’.

Christians strongly believe Jesus Christ to be the ‘Son of God’ born of a virgin, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind and rose from the dead on the third day. The resurrection is an assurance for mankind to a living hope further looking forward to the second coming of Christ. Hope, love and freedom from the bondage of sins are all reassurances in life according to Christian belief.

Easter season begins with the lent days are intended for repentance and reconciliation, rising up like an eagle empowered with a new hope, love and concern. Days of fasting and prayers are expected to discipline oneself mentally and spiritually, proceeding with the message of love and peace to fellow beings.

Easter is thus, not just a celebration but above all a guaranteed hope to the future in this world and beyond. Resurrection also affirms that in this world spirituality scores over materialism. Let the spirit of ‘Easter’ create waves to ignite a spark of love and peace within yourself and all around you promoting the essence of good over evil.



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