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A day to greet the ‘useful servant’!

“Technology- A useful servant and a dangerous master!”

National Technology Day celebrated on May 11, since 1999, marks India’s Technological advancements leading to its glorious triumphs. 


Every year the day is celebrated with new themes enlightening the growth of technology, proudly remembering May 11, 1998 which triggered the historic feat of test-firing Shakthi-1 nuclear missile, declared to be the very first nuclear capable missile, by the Indian team of scientists, successfully led by our late Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam at Rajasthan’s Pokaran test range.

The day was further enhanced by the National Aerospace Laboratory who had designed and flown the first indigenous aircraft-Hansa 3. The light two-seater aircraft was targeted to be useful for pilot training, aerial photography, aerial observations and many more. DRDO had also proudly contributed making the day even more prestigious, successful completion of the test-fire sessions of India’s Surface-to-Air Trishul missile, which was later hosted to the Indian Army and Airforce, very soon came as a part of the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme of India.

Accordingly, our former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had announced May11 as the National technology day respecting the admirable accomplishments in Science and technology.

The Technology Board of India bestow national awards to eligible Individuals for their contribution to ethnic or indigenous technology every year on this unforgettable day. Co-ordinated by the ministry of science and technology, different events are organized making the day important for scientists, engineers and many others involved in nation-building. Individuals and Companies who have stepped ahead through adopting new technologies are also awarded with National Technology Awards. 

The pivotal role played by the department of Science and technology in promoting its importance and contributions to the growth of our nation is commendable. To create awareness and encouragement in the upcoming generations, educational institutions conduct exhibitions, workshops etc. The role of educational institutions in altering villages through education in agriculture is a remarkable initiative targeted to transform villages.

Technology is trusted to empower a nation and the very same technology is extended to the field of agriculture conscious of the fact that India is basically an agricultural country. Expected to thus transform villages, our country’s development will soon be a blend of expansion at large. The role of every organization, big or small, augments to this wonderful dream come true. 


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