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Populace is not a ‘menace’ but an ‘asset’

World Population Day celebrated once every twelve months with multivariate themes and awe-inspiring quotes is a great event looked forward by billions with the best objectives of creating and increasing awareness regarding worldwide population issues.

Stretch & twist with Yoga power

Yoga, a prehistoric Indian science of physical and curative activity is a priceless gift of Indian folklore, an all-inclusive approach to health and welfare, epitomizing the unity of intellect and body, thought and deed,skilfulness and realization tuned to harmonize man and nature. Yoga support to determine the sense of unity with the self, the earth and environment. Bringing about lifestyle changes through awareness tips to well-being.

The unconditional love that moulded us!

‘Father’s Day’, celebrated yearly on the third Sunday of June, since 19June, 1910 in the United States is marked as the official day to honour the fathers and accordingly the ‘Father’s Day’ of 2018 befalls on 17 June, Sunday. Whereas the countries of Europe and Latin America have chosen to honour fathers on St. Joseph’s Day which is a conventional catholic holiday that occurs on March 19.

Month long preparation is over, it’s time to rejoice!

‘Ramadan’, the yearly feast of Muslims across the world begins with amonth long fasting and prayers often from mid-May to mid-June.  This year, ‘Ramadan’ commenced on the evening of May 15th and ends on June 15th Friday. A time for spiritual thinking, actions of tolerance, kindness, openhanded to the needy and more timespend with family and relatives. 

Donate & spread the vibes of humility

‘Involve to donate, be grateful to donors, and promote the gospel’