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 ‘The leaning forward era!’

21st century is literally a ‘leaning forward era’!

Leaning forward in the sense, each and everyone, especially the youth across the globe is leaning towards the tiny world on their fingertips. If you have any doubt regarding this, just sneak peek to your surroundings, there is much to prove you!


What India needs…..what India has?!

Now a day’s Indian economy is anticipated as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and it is rising rapidly, meeting the shared expectations from different corners of the globe. The latest splash of facts and figures of Indian growth rate also underlines the same. The growth achieved so far, took the entire economy to the state of happiness and hope, because the ultimate aim of every nation is to achieve flying colors in their growth rates, and now, the Indian economy almost soared the pinnacle!

Evolution of Technovation-a great Revolution

Reaching the fourth Industrial Revolution, it is the greatest transformation that the human civilization has ever known. 

Changing India: Drive a new way of Growth

No society ever remains consistent. In its seventh decade of Independence, Nation reaches the foremost stage of development. Following a unique way of growth pattern, India is moving towards development as a model for other underdeveloped nations. 


Country uses a precocious development model. Nation becomes the World’s best-performing economies in the present century. According to projections from World Bank, India has galloped ahead to become the fastest growing economy on the globe. Recent Indian economy focused on service sector which attracts more foreign investment flows, contributed significantly to export and also provide extensive employment opportunities. This sector is becoming the key driver of economic growth.

Nation followed a different path of economic development from other countries. 

  • Advanced Educational system.
  • Attractive cluster of business in technology space.
  • Sustained progress in living standard
  • Increase in start-up business providing a hub for young global thinker & global leaders.
  • Pieces of training opportunities for Skill developments.
  • Government support for Youth to boost up their talents through innovative ideas.

Moving Towards progress

The Transformation from 20th to 21st century witnessed great changes. Attitude of the populace changed drastically, diligence and can-do attitude among youth is the positive sign for the progress of the nation. Now the main role is played by the entrepreneurs for drafting a thriving story. India now brags about is highly competitive private companies, a booming stock market, and a modern, well-disciplined financial sector.

Indian population leaps towards the number 1.5 billion from 1.2 billion populations. Economic studies revealed that for developing and underdeveloped countries, rate of growth in population is a major barrier to economic progress. Development and population rate are inversely related. But in the case of Indian Economy, it proves a contrary scenario where the increase in population has led to identifiable development. India stands 2nd in population and also a fastest growing nation with high technologies and modern infrastructure. Increasing population is a great challenge and also an untapped opportunity to progress ahead. Economic study predicts the achievement of 9% year-on-year growth escalating the Indian economy to become the world’s 3rd largest in 2034. 

Moulding expressway for economic growth  

Clear path makes the journey easier. Fostering innovation and start-ups to steer large scale employment opportunities, there by generating sustainable economic growth. Today, India is balanced to transform itself—and improve the lives of billion citizens—with unprecedented speed. Indian government plays an important role in convening sector leaders, rewarding problem solvers, and promoting a culture of risk and entrepreneurship. Providing better academic facilities like vocational education, digitalized classrooms, scholarships, etc. are some of the trajectories towards progress. The best way to achieve growth is to encourage the vibrant youth to explore their talents. Emerging technologies with digitalized services makes a hub for young people to build up a new economy for shaping a better future.

Indian GDP soars heights, beating the foreseen ends!

 Recently Indian economy woke up to totally a surprising and startling headline that the quarter analysis of Indian GDP has shown a growing rate, which completely contradicts the predicted and much awaited outcome of the GDP of India 2018. According to the quarter analysis of growth rate in India (December), it is shown that India’s GDP rate has grown to 7.2% in December, which is much higher than the estimated outcome! It is completely a bizarre news as compared to the contemporary economic scenarios in India.