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Indian GDP soars heights, beating the foreseen ends!

 Recently Indian economy woke up to totally a surprising and startling headline that the quarter analysis of Indian GDP has shown a growing rate, which completely contradicts the predicted and much awaited outcome of the GDP of India 2018. According to the quarter analysis of growth rate in India (December), it is shown that India’s GDP rate has grown to 7.2% in December, which is much higher than the estimated outcome! It is completely a bizarre news as compared to the contemporary economic scenarios in India.


Estimated and attained GDP growth

The estimated quarter growth rate of GDP for India was in the range of 6.5% to 6.9%. But now the result has reached a pile of 7.2% according to the GDP data released by ‘Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation’.Recently loads of economic reforms happened in the Indian economy like, introduction of GST, demonetization etc. which in turn led to many confusions inside the country. Even though the implementation of demonetization policy took place in 2016, the after effects of the same is still hovering over the Indian economy. So naturally it had created bumps and shocks in the Indian scenario. However the sudden news crawl of the quarter analysis took the entire world to the heap of a baffled state!

At present, the whole world is quizzing over the ‘whys and wherefores’ of this surprizing growth. So here are those facts that imprinted a positive outcome on the India economy…

 ‘Whys and wherefores’

  •  Double-digit growth of capital goods
  •  Significant rise in gross fixed capital formation
  •  Increased government spending
  •  Acceleration of real economic activity
  •  Increased investments
  •  Growth in private consumption expenditure
  •  Growth in infrastructure sectors
  •  Growth in manufacturing, agriculture and construction sector

The supreme forces that boosted the growth rate of India’s GDP in 2018! But the in-depth preciseness of the Indian economy, will reveal a hidden truth that the much acclaimed reforms of the central government like GST and demonetization is now bearing the fruits and the impacts of the same is now started to dwindle! Every sector has begun to cop-up with the changes in tax structure and everyone is now almost settled up with the new economic alterations. According to the latest reports, India has reached a leap ahead of the china’s quarter GDP growth rate in 2018.

So now what we need is to, sustain the growth rate we achieved right now and try to soar more. Because all the furores of the latest achievements of India that will end up soon. But never let our economic progress achieved so far, witness a meltdown in the near future! Each and every one can contribute to the economic development of our country.

So let’s hold on and thrive for a sustainable and prosperous tomorrow…


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