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CEO & MD'S Digital financial empowerment talks at Harvard Business School

CEO & Managing Director, Mr Amit Saxena was part of the India Conference 2018 hosted by Harvard Business School on February 10 and 11, 2018 in Boston. Mr Saxena was the Inspirational Speaker at the conference on 10th February at the Kennedy Business School.


He shared his thoughts on digital financial empowerment where he highlights the financial inequalities, disrupting business models and technologies for improving the financial standards of common populace. According to him, ‘Digital Financial Empowerment’ is the only key to change the inequalities prevailing in India. He divided the nation of the 10 percent, by the 10 percent and for the 10 percent. He emphasised about the prevailing financial problems that the common populace faces and the inaccessibility of underprivileged in getting the basic financial needs. 90% of the deprived sections still remain underserved which could be dealt by disrupting the systems and business models as suggested by him in the Indian Conference at Boston. 

Disrupting business models from the conventional banking system to be converted to the top-rated financial services, was the point he stressed in his inspirational speech. He specially focuses on the importance of the financial literacy for empowering the common populace.  ‘90% of India is asking for opportunity rather than wealth’ he added in his conclusion.


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