The long run dream of pursuing PhD in Australia became a successful last month. I was a Post graduate in Technology from IIT Delhi and my aim was to pursue higher studies in Australia. It’s a common phenomenon, that there will be some trouble in every big dreams and with me it was with the purchase of currency. I approached many money exchangers but couldn’t obtained the amount to be carried along with me. The days for the travel headed fast, and I came to know about UAE Exchange India through the officials in nationalised bank. I obtained the currency required for my journey from UAE Exchange India.


When the solution for the big problem is lying close to us, we are just worrying and run behind something with no results. Make your search in the proper way and find the best solution for your needs. UAE Exchange India the complete financial solutions that takes your worries away.

Agency meeting was held on 2nd May, 2015 at park circus branch, Kolkata. The meeting was mainly based on all the products and also the benefits of referring swift transfer and tour package of UAE Exchange India. Regional head Mr Debopam Ghosh and Rehana Yesmin were the special guest along with 8 agents from various locales of the region. Interactive session and question answer session were also there in that meeting. Training were given on FS Mart portal for DMTS,Travels and Tours, Xpay and Forex. The meeting was concluded with the award to the best agent for his contribution.


Conducting a meeting or a get- together is always good for a company’s development.  Rajasthan region Branch Heads’ meeting was conducted on 11th May, 2015 in the presence of Managing Director UAE Exchange India, Mr V George Antony. Join together to bring further advancements to the services that are being provided at customer touch points across the company.

Mr Akash Singh is a daily wages worker, working in a textile industry in Barnala district and he don’t have his own house. He is struggling to meet his income and expenditure, so the rental charges become a real burden for him. He thought of taking personal loan for building his own house. Today he came to know about the new branch inauguration of UAE Exchange in Barnala town. He was very happy and he went to see the inauguration.


Barnala Branch was inaugurated on 15th May 2015 by Mr. Raghvir Garg, Municipal Councilor of Barnala, Punjab in the presence of Deepak Anand, Regional Head, Punjab and other officials. Mr Raghvir Garg was the chief guest for the inauguration ceremony. Bank Managers & few other reputed persons of Barnala were invited for the ceremony. UAE Exchange India is extending its network to support the needs of poor’s.


Ms.Reshma got a chance to attend the CII National Business Excellence conclave held on 8th& 9th May, 2015 at Bangalore. She was really happy to attend this auspicious function.She said that the event was organized in a very professional manner by inviting key speakers from various fields who shared their experience on bringing up their Company to what level they are now and how quality aspect has improved their business excellence in respective fields. The first half of the session, there was an inaugural address by few members and they dedicated the CII Institute in the name of their founder and named the institute as The K N Shenoy Centre.


She added that there were key speakers from various manufacturing units, Duetshe bank, KPMG, JSW Steel, Tata Chemicals, Tata tele services, Defence Radar unit, Akshaya Patra, Karnataka Education Minister, Motilal Oswal, Max Group etc. who spoke about their respective fields.

There was a participation of approximately 80 people and the second day, half of the same were gathered, mainly from different industries across India.


The key message was the importance of quality in every field of business and thereby enhancing the quality of company, families and Nation as a whole.

She was able to meet many executives, Business heads and Directors working with different companies and institutions and network for future business prospects. She belongs to UAE Exchange India, a company that believes in sending its people not only to equip themselves with latest practices but also to represent herself in national forums giving moreexposure to her as well as to the company she belongs.

Mr. Krishna Raj is an unemployed men in kochi. He is currently searching to start a small business. He is not aware about anything in order to start this. Sitting idle, one day while talking to his friend he came to know about one day seminar on MSME sector- Oppurtunities & Challenges conducted by the Kerala management association and sponsored by UAE Exchange India. He started to look for the venue and timing of this seminar and found it was on 8th May 2015 at management house, Panampilly Nagar, Kochi.

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M G Road branch staffs and Mr Vijin R and Mr Shijin from P T Usha branch of UAE Exchange India participated in the seminar and presented a canopy presentation during the seminar. Staffs provided booklets to the participants and interacted with the staffs.

The love of a family is the greatest blessing we can have on earth. Some of our most cherished memories are those lovely moments we have spent with our families. We may fight, argue, quarrel, or squabble. But in the end, we are all together under the intangible parasol of familial love. We are there for each other, and we love each other conditionally.


While a number of families are celebrating the International Family Day today, how many of us are really pondering on the fact that there are millions of people who have lost their families in the Nepal earthquake tragedy? There are millions out there who have been abandoned, left alone. They long for familial love.

But do you know what the sweetest thing is? Together, we can be their family because family is not just about blood relations. It is far beyond and deeper in its meaning. Let us all join hands and celebrate this Family Days with each and every one around us. Let us build a universal family.


 Riya is very crazy about Malayalam Television channels. One day her neighbor let her know about ‘Kaumudy nite’ the live entertainment show. On participating in the event she realized that UAE Exchange India was one of the co sponsors of the mega event that rocked the city.


“Kaumudy Nite”, the live entertainment show and epic performances by iconic stars were conducted on 9 th May 2015 in Durbar hall Kochi as a part of the 2nd anniversary of Kaumudy Television. UAE Exchange India IT Head Jose Babu was honored in the event. Many of the employees from UAE Exchange India attended the Kaumudy Nite. The event was spectacular with the mind blowing performances of playback singer Naresh Iyer. Celebrities like Meghna Raj, Pisharady, Dhramajan splashed the night with their wonderful performances.


Arun is from the United States of America. He has visited Kerala last year and he was very surprised to see all the cultural programmes conducted here. Recently he visited his travelling partner UAE Exchange India. They told him about an event going to be held on April 29th in Kerala. He enquired them to take tickets for him as well as his family. He enjoyed the event.


The event was conducted by Kerala sangeetha kalakshetram as part of its 20th anniversary in Wayanad . Eminent artists Sri. Nellai Viswanath Menon, Musician and Violinist, All India Radio Calicut,  Smt. Ranjini, Journalist and  Dancer and Municipal chairman Sri. P. Ali was present. UAE Exchange India was one of the main sponsors of the event conducted to project the magnificence of classical music.

Dr. Kailash was an eye specialist. Once a blind boy of age 8 years came to him for consultation. While speaking to that blind boy he understood that he hated himself just because he was blind and he couldn’t play cricket any more. Kailash was very sad about him. The next day morning the first thing doctor did was that, he informed him that UAE Exchange India in order to encourage the blind students had sponsored in 3rd all Kerala T20 blind cricket series going to be held in Mangattuparamba, Kannur on 2nd may 2015. Boy was pleased to hear that news. He started counting days for the match.


A word of encouragement can boost the talents and confidence. UAE Exchange India, to encourage the blind students had sponsored in 3rd all Kerala T20 blind cricket series held in Mangattuparamba,Kannur on 2nd May 2015. Mr.Rajesh AV & Mr. Nishad  from Kannur branch had represented UAE Exchange India  to encourage the precious gems of tomorrow.

If there is a will, there are ways to achieve it and impossible have no place in your life. We support the real gems of society who had the will to change their space and achieve the impossible. We support the public for social issues along with providing the best financial services stretching ahead with the motto “service is our currency”.